Cloud Visibility and Security

Ziften solves visibility and security problems associated with moving enterprise applications to the cloud.

You Can’t Secure what you can’t see

Visibility is crucial for both security and IT operations—yet moving enterprise applications to the cloud often kills the effectiveness of your existing security and management tools.

Ziften provides continuous visibility into cloud-based VM and container endpoints no matter where they move or which cloud service provider is used.


Data Center Security in your data center or someone else’s
Visibility and security are difficult to maintain in traditional data centers, especially monitoring of and enforcing policy on ‘east-west’ traffic. Virtualized data centers and enterprise cloud deployments make the situation worse, if not downright impossible.

Ziften lets companies continuously monitor for unmanaged VMs, see ‘east-west’ cloud traffic, identify connections to bad hosts, find and eliminate threats, and track lateral threat movement back to the original point of compromise.

    East-West Visibility for secure cloud migration

    Ziften provides real-time alerts for anomalous activity and malware detections enabling your security personnel to spend more time applying their expertise to remediation.

    The importance of Secure Cloud Migration
    Don’t let lack of visibility or security stop you from enjoying the cost advantages, operational efficiency, and strategic flexibility that come with a well-managed cloud deployment.

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